Procession from Nag Kalan to Kirpal Sagar

On 8 December the attention focussed on the procession to Kirpal Sagar.

The day began with a visit in the village of Nag Kalan, where Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur lived before they moved to Kirpal Sagar. Nag Kalan is located in a distance of about 10 kilometers from Amritsar. Here Sant Kirpal Singh laid the foundation stone of Dr. Harbhajan Singh’s hospital in 1973, stating that it was the foundation of the future Manav Kendra ('man - center', means Kirpal Sagar).


At a nearby public stage donated by Unity of Man to the people of the village, several speakers shared their remembrances of Dr. Harbhajan Singh’s work as a doctor. In touching words they reminded of several hopeless cases he had saved. All expressed their deep respect and support for the aims Dr. Harbhajan Singh stood for.


Then the procession formed up with numerous coaches, cars and motorcycles and started its way to Kirpal Sagar. 

Shortly before the arrival, all got off the cars and the procession formed an impressive parade where people from all participating nations, colours and creeds  marched happily together and made everybody feel the spirit of unity. In the huge conference tent, students of the Kirpal Sagar Academy performed a delightful welcome song and H.H. Surinder Kaur, President of Unity of Man, India, gave a warm welcome speech.



At 9.00 p.m. another religous drama, the Ras Leela, was performed by a group from Mathura. It shows scenes of the life of Lord Krishna playing with the Gopis (cow herding girls). Marvellous dances were to be seen, among them a fantastic peacock dance. The story was sung and played very well on an over and over decorated stage. During three hours the delighted spectators enjoyed the imaginative scenes until in the end, late after midnight, the audience was showered with fragrant rose-petals.


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