The conference continued with Session III in the morning of 10 December. Once more, it was a marvellous sight to watch Hinduistic Swamis, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and Muslims sitting side by side on the stage.

In the beginning, Benedictine monks and nuns sang prayers and hymns from different religions, all dealing with the subject of peace. Thereafter, Swami Sushil Muni opened the session.

In the subsequent speeches, the delegates contributed from various angles to the subject "World Peace and Universal Brotherhood" - whether from a social, psychological, environmental  or religious point of view, all finally agreed that it is up to the individuals to change their attitudes in their dealings with others and with God's creation.

Mrs. El-Khoury, member of the Union of Writers, Syria, and former President for the Middle East of the World Council of Churches, gave a detailed description of the peaceful coexistence between Christians, Muslims and Jews in Damascus, basing her report on personal experiences.

Reverend Dr. Braybrooke, President of the "World Congress of Faiths", pointed out that the sense of oneness means to recognise God's presence in the other, especially the deprived and marginalised. He stated, "The new era of Global Spirituality becomes reality as we are personally transformed. The challenge to each one of us is to so shape our lives that we give heart to the world – or dream the impossible, then so live that the dream is fulfilled."

Mr. Vivek Coutinho, representative of the Focolare Movement, spoke about  the future of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society and stated that it is not enough to believe in God, to have chosen Him as one's ideal. The Father's presence calls each person to be a true daughter or son of God, and we should know that the Father's first desire for his children is to treat each other as brothers and sisters, to care for and love one another.

Session III

Goswami Sushil Ji Maharaj, Founder-President Maharishi Bhrigu Foundation; India
Shri Karunakara Shetty, Brahma Kumari, Chief of  Multi Media; India
Mahant Darshan Singh Tyagmoorti, President of Shad Darshan Sadhu Aivam Dharan Stahn Suraksha Trust, Hardwar; India
Mrs. Farah Mahat El-Khoury, Union of Writers,  Damaskus; Syria
Swami Agnivesh, President of the World Council of Arya Samaj;India
Maulana Mohammed Hamid, Ahmadiyya Community; India
Rev. Dr. Dominic Emmanuel, SVD, Director Catholic Archdiocese of Delhi; India
Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke, President of the World Congress of Faiths; UK
Swami Shantatmanandaji, Secretary of the Rama Krishna Mission; India
Mr. Vivek Coutinho, Focolare Movement; India
Giani Dhanvir Ahmed Khadim, Ahmadiyya Community; India
Sant Baba Prem Das Ji
; India
Dr. A.K. Merchant, Trustee Bahai Temple, General Secretary of the Bahi Community; India
Baba Bhupinder Singh, Tamil Nadu; India
Maulana Hazro Rehiman, Mufti Sahib; India
Mr. Karamjit Singh, Chairman Unity of Man, India 

It was about 14.30 p.m. when H.H. Biji Surinder Kaur requested the participants to proceed to the Sarovar for the inauguration of the Symbols. All left the tent and marched in a procession to the Sarovar, headed by the religious representatives alongside of  H.H. Surinder Kaur.

At 15.00 p.m. the took place.

The concluding session in the evening began with a contribution of Reverend Thomas Balwant Singh, a Christian priest from the UK. Based on the verses of St. Paul, he elaborated on the human dilemma of wishing to do good, but doing the bad instead. He came to the conclusion that this struggle in man will continue until it has been replaced by another word of St. Paul: "I live, but no longer I, God lives in me," for which a drastic change in man is needed. In the end, he asked the audience whether they were ready for such a change.

Concluding Session

Rev. Thomas Singh, Christian Tradition; UK
Mr. Werner Stadlmeyer, Chairman Unity of Man, Germany
Mr. Gerhard Hössinger, Vice Chairman Unity of Man, Austria
Mrs. Eva Wahl, Vice Chairwoman Unity of Man, Germany
Mrs. Biji Surinder Kaur, President Unity of Man, India

In their addresses, the members of the managing board of Unity of Man took up certain aspects of a spiritual life and explained among others that the reason of struggling between doing good or bad lies in the struggle between mind and soul. Due to the lack of knowledge of his self, man has been overinfluenced by his mind or I-hood and mistakes himself as the „doer“.

The condition of the world - which makes us fearful about the future -  is the result of our ego-centric view. However, suffering  from our selfcreated condition, we still have a chance if we remember the creator, our Father whose power makes everything run. He  is the one who can help, His  power is unlimited, and He is full of Grace. God is One and extends His blessing to all alike, but who is ready to accept His Grace? To decide for Him means to decide for the good. It is up to us to take this step. For this purpose man has got discrimination power and the free will- by using them he develops right understanding and can prove himself as a conscious being, full of love and compassion, the "summit of the creation".

In the end, around 10.00 p.m., H.H. Surinder Kaur, India, concluded the World Conference on Unity of Man with warm thanks to all participants. She remarked that while taking leave, most of the speakers had expressed how they had felt the love and unity amongst all. One Maulana said to her, "The Taj Mahal was built in remembrance of a woman, but Kirpal Sagar was built  in remembrance of the whole mankind".

Following the concluding session, a media conference took place, while outside fireworks illuminated the sky above the just unveiled Symbols at the end of this memorable day.


H. H. Surinder Kaur, President of Unity of Man


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