Opening Ceremony  of the World Conference

In the morning of 1 December, a traditional prayer in one of the corner buildings in the Sarovar prefaced the inauguration of the Conference. Then all attendees gathered at the nearby 'Chowk', where Mrs. Surinder Kaur, president of Unity of Man, uncovered a plate depicting the milestones of the history of Kirpal Sagar: Sant Kirpal Singh's visit of the farm in 1973, the laying of the foundation stone of Kirpal Sagar in 1982, and the World Conference 1994, during which the foundation stone for the central building in the Sarovar was laid.

In her address Mrs. Surinder Kaur explained the significance of the Conference on Unity of Man, and  the assembly remembered Dr. Harbhajan Singh, the founder chairman of Kirpal Sagar, who has set up the Project according to the wish of Sant Kirpal Singh.

As a symbol for peace two pigeons flew up in the sky. 



Opening of the Medical Camp

Hon. S. Rajit Singh Brahmpura, Cabinet Minister of the Punjab, opened the free 'Medical Camp' (Medicaid) which continued until the month of January. Additionally he inaugurated the new operation and intensive care tract of the hospital.


The duties of Hon. S. Rajit Singh Brahmpura include the development of the rural space. Therefore he showed great interest for the new operation theatre and the medical equipment, which partially had been donated by German and Austrian companies.

During the Conference the team of the Kirpal Sagar Hospital was supported by doctors and nurses of the K.H. Memorial Hospital, Nag Kalan, to meet the demands of the expected crowds of patients.

The tradition of 'Medical Camps' was introduced by Dr. Harbhajan Singh. In the beginning eye surgeons used to perform eye-operations at Kirpal Sagar, and the patients were given special spectacles free of charge. Step by step free medical treatment of internal diseases was added to the programme.

To care for socially disadvantaged people is an important concern of Unity of Man. As speaking and doing should be in accordance, charitable activities were part of the conference programme.

Tree planting ceremony

Two trees were planted near the Hospital by Hon. S. Rajit Singh Brahmpura, and H.H. Surinder Kaur.


Start of the Medical Highway Service

Hon. S. Rajit Singh Brahmpura also opened the Medical Highway Service. Waving a green flag, he gave the start for the first ambulance which will take up duty on a highly frequented part of the Amritsar-Delhi highway. 

Social Programme

Thereafter Hon. S. Rajit Singh Brahmpura and others addressed the public, and Mr. Karamjit Singh, chairman of Unity of Man, explained the importance of helping the poor and needy in our times. In the end, the Kirpal Sagar Academy performed a cultural programme for the minister and the guests from abroad.

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