Traditional Religious Songs

The 2 December was dedicated to spiritual songs.

Interschool Shabad contest: Amrit Ras Shabad Gayan Competition


At 10:00 a.m. the interschool Shabad competition started, in which groups from 17 schools from the surrounding area participated. The textes  of these traditional songs are verses and hymns from the Holy scriptures, expressing love and devotion to God. The contest was won by a girl group of Ludhiana.




The chief guest, Hon. Sarwan Singh, Chief Parliament Secretary, welcomed the audience on behalf of the Government of Punjab. He expressed his esteem for Kirpal Sagar as a place where all religions are respected.


The competition was concluded by short addresses of the President of Unity of Man, Mrs. Surinder Kaur, and the chairman, Mr. Karamjit Singh.



Devotional Songs: Bhajans and Quawallis

In the evening the audience enjoyed the performances of two renowned song groups.

At first the party “Banwari Lal”, Amritsar, contributed to the programme, singing hymns according to the Hindu tradition, called 'Bhajans'.

In one Bhajan it was stated: Nothing is immortal except God’s name. Nothing is forever except God’s name. And in another one: We have faith in others, but real faith is faith in God, because He is the only One who blesses the whole creation.

The audience was fascinated and started to sing with the groups, clapping their hands in the rhythm of the music.

The second part of the night was dedicated to the Sufi song tradition.

An India-wide known group named “Bakshi” sung Quawallis with great passion and intensity. One of the singers explained the singing of Quawallis as a Divine technique to find God by words, melodies and dedication.

The singing continued till long after midnight, as the audience repeatedly demanded encores. In spite of the late hour, nobody liked to leave the tent.

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