XII. Dr. Harbhajan Singh Memorial Inter School Volleyball Tournament

docu-3december reiterThe annual national Volleyball Tournament for boys was started in the morning of 3 December with a ceremony, in which all students, teachers and guests participated.




The Chief Guest, Hon. Padam Shri Pargat Singh, Director Sports, Punjab, was welcomed in the morning in the sports ground with an impressing horse show. Students of the Kirpal Sagar Academy showed their skills at a breath taking speed.

After a display of the school orchestra, the younger students of K.H. Public School, dressed in colourful costumes, presented  dances from Punjab and Rajasthan.

Then the 18 Volleyball teams from the North of India lined up on the sports ground. Hon. Padam Shri Pargat Singh adressed them in a short speech and declared the games open.


Cultural Programme

In the evening a beautiful Deepak- dance was shown on the stage of the main tent. Young girls of the Kirpal Sagar Academy dressed in white glittering saris, each one holding two candle lights in her palms, gave a wonderful performance of Indian dance. 

Then a group of teachers of the Kirpal Sagar Academy, conducted by the music teachers, impressed the guests by singing religious songs, followed by a group of musicians named Mohammad Sherif Qwaal, Malerkotla.

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