Charity programme - Weddings 

In India the marriage ceremony is important, but also very expensive. Consequently, Unity of Man supports disadvantaged families by sponsoring the wedding for their daughters.

docu-6december t3p1085In the morning of 6 December twenty-eight bridal couples arrived in Kirpal Sagar. They came along with their families from different villages and towns within a radius of 200 km around Kirpal Sagar. The marriage ceremonies were celebrated according to the religious belief of the couples, in this case the marriage rites of the Sikhs. The guests of the conference were invited to attend the ceremony. They marvelled at the pretty red clothed and adorned brides and the well decorated young man. A famous singer from Pakistan, Baba Gulam Mohammed Chand, contributed with his musicians to the celebrations.

After the official wedding all guests were served a typical Punjabi wedding meal catered by the common kitchen of Kirpal Sagar. Then the newly married couples received basic equipments needed for a new household: a fully equipped bedroom, furniture for a living-room, kitchen utensils as well as clothes and watches, everything sponsored by Unity of Man.

docu-6december t3p1188All couples and their families expressed their heartfelt thanks to H.H. Surinder Kaur, President Unity of Man, India, for the selfless support which will enable them to start a successful future.

Decorated taxis and trucks loaded with the furniture formed a long caravan when the wedding-parties happily left Kirpal Sagar.

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