Image The World Conference on Unity of Man 1994 at Kirpal Sagar began on 3 February 1994 with a procession from Chandigarh to Kirpal Sagar. Delegates from 14 different countries took part in it by car or busses. All participants joined at Rahon, where an official reception was held. The mayor and local dignitaries of Rahon greeted the congregation and acknowledged the work of Unity of Man. A warm welcome by Dr Harbhajan Singh was followed by several speeches.

Arrival at Kirpal Sagar

At about 6.00 p.m the procession reached Kirpal Sagar. The last steps up to the entrance gate were made by foot. The whole campus was a sea of lights, decorated with thousands of flowers and glittering ribbons. The students from the Kirpal Sagar Academy formed a lane where the procession passed through reaching the meeting hall where the Inaugural Session was held.

4 February - Open Session

ImageThe guests from abroad had a tour of the grounds of Kirpal Sagar and then joined the Open Session in the Conference Hall.

The Chief Parliament Secretary Welcomes the Guests

Mr. Chaudri Santoch Singh, Chief Parliament Secretary of the Federal State of Punjab, welcomed all the guests on behalf of the Government and stressed the need of solving the problems of the world by gaining a consciousness of unity.

The Panel Conferences

On the afternoon of 4 February, the Conference split up into four panels, examining the different aspects of the idea of unity in depth:

Panel 1 : The responsibility of ethically orientated politics and science

Panel 2 : The basic unity of religions

Panel 3 : Education as man-making

Panel 4 : Spirituality – the base for world-wide unity

5 February - Open Session

Following the speeches of delegates from India and abroad, Dr. Harbhajan Singh thanked the speakers  for their contributions with a special mention that the Sadhus and Swamis present had personally known Sant Kirpal Singh and had met Him at the Kumbha Mela in Hardwar in 1974.

6 February - Celebration of Sant Kirpal Singh’s 100th Birthday Anniversary

The morning started with the birthday celebrations.  Kirpal Sagar was drenched in a solemn atmosphere, when Dr. Harbhajan Singh addressed the congregation. Our Indian brothers and sisters expressed their love and devotion for God with self-composed songs.

It was concluded by a video-film illustrating Sant Kirpal Singh’s work in India.

Laying of the Foundation-Stone for the Building in the Sarovar

ImageA welded steel-box containing Sant Kirpal Singh’s books and scriptures, partially on microfilms and printed  paper, had been prepared to be used as foundation stone. In these books Sant Kirpal Singh explained the common truth of all religions, so this act symbolised that the building is founded on truth. A biography of Sant Kirpal Singh and coins from all over the world were also included in the box referring to his saying that the various countries of the world are just like chambers in the house of the Lord. 

ImageAt exactly 1.00 p.m. Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife, along with some Sadhus, brought the steel-box into the Sarovar. The celebration began with hymns and texts from the Holy Scriptures.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh expressed in a few words that all was done in the name of Sant Kirpal Singh who wanted to bring people together in the name of God, and finally requested all for their agreement to start. All put hands together to let down the box. The “battas” (bowls used in India to carry materials) filled with cement were passed on from hand to hand and poured into the hole to plaster the foundation-stone. When the foundation was completed, there was such an atmosphere that nobody wanted to leave the place. Standing side by side, name and nationality, color and country were meaningless. There was but unity.

Social Programme
Inauguration of the Home for the Aged

On 5 February after their speeches Mr. Chaudri Santoch Singh, Chief Parliament Secretary of the Punjab, and Dr. Harbhajan Singh, accompanied by the other participants, left the meeting-hall for the inauguration of the nearby Home for the Aged.

Inauguration of the Guest House

The same day S. Lakhmir Singh Randhawa, Education Minister of the Punjab, inaugurated the guest house.

Free Medical Treatment in the Kirpal Charitable Hospital

The programme of medical check-ups and treatments was opened by Minister S. Lakhmir Singh Randhawa. More than thousand patients used the opportunity of a free medical check-up. A medical team of the government performed eye examinations and eye operations. Grey cateract operations were carried out on about twenty patients.

Image Image

Shabad Competition

The Kirpal Sagar Academy had invited to a Shabad Competition in which 16 schools from all over India participated. The children sang ‘shabads’, i.e. traditional Indian songs with texts from the holy scriptures, which are very popular in India.



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